In today’s Lightning Round video, we look at the upcoming Nancy Grace Roman Telescope, which is predicted to find rogue planets through a process called “microlensing.” It’s predicted that the universe is teeming with rogue planets, which are planets that don’t orbit around a star. Possibly trillions of them. We also discuss the latest in the Covid-19 pandemic and two promising advancements in life extension.


I feel like the more we learn about the universe the more weird Earth becomes. It just turns out that our planet, our moon, our sun, our entire galactic neighborhood is just a little bit… unique.

For example, it’s thought that more than half of stars in the galaxy are in binary or multiple star systems. Stars orbiting other stars or spinning around a central gravitational point.

There’s actually a star system with the memorable name TYC 7037-89-1 that has SIX stars in it.

You got a binary system here and a binary there – and they orbit around each other while orbiting around each other and then there’s this other binary over here and it orbits around the other four…

And you know what’s crazy? There’s probably planets in that mess.

Which as you may know, planets around multiple stars kind-of become a three body problem. Which is not just a great book, soon to be a Netflix show but it’s also a very complex and chaotic system.

Planetary bodies get thrown about, swing close by each other, sometimes crash, and sometimes just get yeeted the hell out of there.

So we know that more than half of star systems are multiple star systems and we know that almost all stars have planets.

That’s a lot of yeeted planets out there.

Philip Shane – August – Discord

Rogue Planets! Apparently there are trillions. Would you visit them, No Man’s Sky style, if you could?

Go off on how you have No Man’s Sky and dammit, you can’t get off the planet.

Gaming kinda sucks when you’re not a gamer because there’s all these inherent things that the game just expects you to know and if you don’t know those things it’s completely baffling.

Maybe game play a little.

But on to the link that he provided

It talks about the Roman Telescope, named after Nancy Grace Roman, and how it’ll have 100x the field of view that Hubble has and it’ll find rogue planets via microlensing.

Says there are 20x more rogue planets in the galaxy than stars (assuming they get flung out of solar systems).

Would I want to see them? I imagine it would be hard to see since they aren’t near any stars. They’d be in pitch blackness.

On one hand I’m not as interested in rogue planets because there’s no chance of life there.

On the other hand, imagine one of those swinging through our solar system like Omuamua. Might be good to keep an eye on those things.

If I could fly around No Man’s Sky style, yes I’d visit those and I’d visit every planet in our solar system, and I’d visit the Trappist system, Kepler 1B (poster), I’d see all kinds of things.

But if I visited a rogue planet, I’d need a flashlight.

Fishtail – August – Discord

What is the current state of COVID-19? Have the symptoms changed? Is a COVID vaccine going to wind up in the annual flu vaccine?

I hate that just thinking about talking about this has my anxiety up because it’s become so toxic and politicized.

It’s a good question though, what exactly is going on right now?

We went through the Alpha, Beta, and Delta variants, but Omicron and it’s subvariants are the ones still holding on.

In 2023, a new Omicron strain called EG.5 (nicknamed “Eris”) is the dominant strain in the U.S., and experts are monitoring another new strain called BA.2.86 (nicknamed “Pirola”).

It does kinda seem like it’s not being tracked quite as strenuously as it once was.

Many countries’ numbers just drop off halfway through 2023

We can expect more cases in the fall and winter, as we always do. Covid, flu, and RSV are now just annual realities to contend with.

Was called the “tripledemic” last year.

According to this, signs are showing an increase in cases (ER visits, wastewater testing, etc.) but not to expect a huge surge or anything. Still suggesting masking in densely populated spaces, and of course getting the booster

EG.5 symptoms

Not drastically different from other variants. Upper respiratory issues. Runny nose, sore throat, cold-like symptoms

John | right_handed_neutrino – August – Discord

As your team has grown and your production workflow formalized, has the demand on your time increased, decreased, or remained constant?  I’m curious if you were busier when you were a one-man shop with a smaller channel or if you’re busier now – despite the team you’ve built – because you’re involved with more complex videos and more side-projects / collaborations.

Ah, the ongoing struggle to delegate.

I do spend a lot more time managing people now

We’re introducing a new structure to the team that takes me out of the day-to-day minutia so I can focus on bigger picture stuff. But there’s a hump to get over.

This is why things have been silent on the podcast and TMI.

It’s a personal thing. I really need to learn how to step away and not do things from time to time. I’m working on it.

Sigh – August – Discord

I heard that telomeres are no longer considered good markers for senescence (according to Peter Attia). What are the biggest breakthroughs with longevity in general?

Gene therapy

Scientists transfer longevity gene in naked mole rats into regular rats


Sinclair and his team (along with others) have identified a combination of 6 chemicals that could return NCC and genome-wide transcript profiles to youthful states, reversing transcriptomic age in less than a week.

Brian Beswick – August – Discord

With all the advances in AI and it’s disruption of certain industries. Has AI changed your process at all and how might you use it as it evolves?

Yes and no.

I use ChatGPT to help come up with titles sometimes

I write my scripts in Notion and it has AI integration but it has this weird token payment system that I don’t understand.

I use it to help come up with titles and thumbnails – titles usually too long but often it’ll have a word or phrase I hadn’t thought of that is helpful

I have use midjourney or DALL-E to help come up with thumbnails or images

I do try to avoid using it too much though, there’s a LOT of AI thumbnails and I don’t want to overdo it.

AI Creep

I think we’re going to see a lot more AI in stuff we’ve been using for years

Photoshop with generative fill/expand and auto select

AI has changed a lot about YouTube. Like keywords used to be really important and tags but they don’t matter at all anymore because the language processing is good enough to get all the keywords from the auto captions

I could be using more AI in my workflow and automate things more

I absolutely do NOT use ChatGPT or AI to write my scripts. Still way too many hallucinations.

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