So uh… We need help.

We need an Operations Manager. Here are all the details, if you think you fit the bill, reach out, let’s talk. If you know someone, please pass this along!



Answers With Joe is a YouTube channel created by Joe Scott that focuses on science and history education with a heavy dose of humor.


We are currently hiring an Operations Manager position. The Operations Manager, to put it quite simply, will be running this show. To put it more poetically, you would be in charge of optimizing and orchestrating the intricate dance of video production, channel management, and team coordination, all while fostering a culture of innovation and precision. To put in more corporate-speak, the main responsibility of this position is to optimize, coordinate, and execute the ongoing operation of multiple channels across the Answers With Joe brand.

The ideal candidate would be hyper-organized and able to juggle multiple deadlines and tasks across various departments, ensure clear communication between team leads, and manage production workflows. We want a real nerd about this stuff. This means proficiency in task management software and systems (we currently do 90% of our work on Notion, so you’ve gotta be pretty familiar with that).

This is also a YouTube-focused business so experience running a YouTube channel, including familiarity with YouTube Studio, is a must. As is familiarity with video production and editing, just so you already know the process and the lingo. And a healthy love of science and history would be the icing on the cake!

Embrace the opportunity to dive into a role that not only challenges but rewards, with a team that values creativity, collaboration, and a dash of quirkiness.


The main job of the Operations Manager is to handle the operations of the channel in order to free up the creators to run free in the wilderness chasing the muse like the hippy creatives they are. This means…

  • Manage and maintain tasks and deadlines for videos on a task management platform.
  • Manage and maintain a video production and distribution schedule.
  • See to the timely uploading of videos on multiple platforms.
  • Coordinate tasks and communication between team leads.
  • Set and manage tasks and schedules not related to video production, like implementation of new software and processes, merch releases, and community management.
  • Hold scheduled weekly sessions with team leads to keep them on task in an organized fashion.
  • Hold daily “scrum” sessions with team leads and management either on video call or Slack.
  • Serve as a traffic coordinator for jobs between team members.
  • Clear road blocks by connecting team members with other team members who can help them.
  • Support team members by providing necessary resources to keep workflow moving and avoid roadblocks.
  • Keep track of video performance and make adjustments to packaging.
  • Keep track of promotions and social media content.
  • Submit and coordinate with sponsors for edits on ad reads.


We’re on the lookout for a maestro of multitasking, a strategist with at least 2 years of YouTube battlegrounds under their belt, and a communicator par excellence. Your role is pivotal in translating vision into reality, balancing the creative with the analytical, and ensuring our team operates like a well-oiled machine. If you’re driven by a passion for content that enlightens and entertains, ready to juggle the dynamic demands of video production, and adept at marshaling resources and timelines, we want you.

  • First and foremost, you’ve got to have some kind of experience running a YouTube channel. You’ve got to be familiar with YouTube Studio and analytics, understand best practices and the process of video creation. The ideal candidate would have at least 2 years experience in video production for YouTube.
  • Must be proficient in Slack, Zoom, Notion, Discord, and task management software (EOS,, Monday, Asana, Microsoft teams, that kind of thing).
  • Must have experience managing teams and be comfortable ordering others around (tactfully, of course).
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills and superior interpersonal skills including courtesy, professionalism, and a cooperative attitude (call this our “no jerks” policy).
  • Strong analytical capabilities with excellent problem-solving skills.
  • Very organized, with a high attention to detail.
  • Must be able to track and organize multiple projects at the same time – a proverbial “ball juggler.”


  • Salary starts at $75,000 USD (or local international equivalent) and can go up depending on experience. Actual starting salary will depend on various considerations, including: work experience, skills, specializations, and location.
  • Flexible work hours and vacation policy.
  • Fully work-from-home.
  • Work with a fun team of creative people.
  • Opportunity to work on fun, thoughtful content enjoyed by millions.


Answers With Joe is one of multiple online projects under the Scott Creative Endeavors umbrella, including Joe’s 2nd channel, Joe Scott – TMI (100k followers) and podcast, Conversations With Joe (50k followers on YouTube and beyond). On top of regular content for YouTube, the team produces comedy sketches and short films, with feature films and TV series in development. We also manage the merch brand, LaughSmarter. We believe that our goal is not to just educate and entertain, but to add a “layer of interestingness” to the world. Knowledge is power, but it can also be hilarious.

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