Ray Kurzweil’s predictions have an 86% success rate. But what he sees in the next 50 years are mind-blowing.
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Ray Kurzweil is an inventor and futurist who has championed the Law of Accelerating Returns, claiming that computer technology is following an exponential path that will lead to the Singularity – a point in time when computer power reaches super intelligence and all things are possible.
He predicts the Singularity by the year 2045. But that’s just one of his predictions for the future which also involves:
Autonomous cars
Simulated worlds
Uploading consciousness Immortality
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Kurzweil’s track record
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Kurzweil’s prediction timeline
George Hotz’s self-driving car hack
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  • I’ve followed Kurzweil for some time and agree with most of his predictions. That said, the percent of the world population that fit into his future seems to me to be a minority of the 9 billion to come. What effect will those not participating have. Already, today we can see strong backlash to rational developments in western politics; just look at the US for example.