Isaac Arthur runs the YouTube channel Science and Futurism With Isaac Arthur, where he goes into incredibly deep dives on subjects like megastructures, future space colonies, aliens, and little things like farming black holes (like you do). Here we touch on a few of those topics and do a little shop talk about life as YouTubers.

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  • I find all of Joe’s topic selections very interesting & informative!
    AI & Virtual reality are great topics & they need the speed & conductivity of Hydrogen Graphene for these accomplishments to be achieved.
    You won’t believe the results compared to copper etc….Next….. The topic of who actually invents Graphane which is a hydrogen bonded graphene & unfortunately is not available being that it would cost $9000 per gram & not mass producable!
    Now Joe said this is what we need for the perfect supercapacitors !
    I would love to connect through email or phone to talk about possibly doing a live stream about these subjects again with an answer to these questions. New Tech at it’s best !