On today’s podcast, I’m talking to Dr. Janja Lalich, a cult expert and sociologist who has not only been studying cults and extremist groups for over 30 years, but is herself a cult survivor. In our conversation, she shares her personal story, including how she got involved with a cult, the conditions that kept her trapped in the cult, and what finally got her out.
We also talk about the red flags to look for when you think you may be dealing with a cult and what to do if a loved one falls into a cult’s clutches. And finally, we examine the rise of a new era of cults that we seem to be entering. One fueled by societal upheaval and instability, and accelerated by the social media landscape we now live in.
It’s an enlightening and – at times – disturbing look at how our psychology is being manipulated and weaponized against us on a global scale. A new era of cults is here, and it’s one we’ve never encountered before.

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